General Terms and Conditions of Sale

M’Cimes company provides transportation service by allocating vehicles with chauffeur (VTC) exclusively on reservation and at a pre-determined price.
M’Cimes is a company registered to the ‘Répertoire des Métiers’ (registration number: 814752028) and to the ‘Registre des Exploitants de Voiture de Transport avec chauffeur’ (registration number: EVTC07415W10).

Booking and Cancellation Terms and Conditions

The client can book a service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the following website address: www.mcimes.com. Alternatively reservations can be requested by phone or email.

The client is responsible for providing detailed exact and correct contact and address information.

M’Cimes calculates the service cost based on the information provided by the client.
A reservation is confirmed upon reception of M’Cimes reservation confirmation email (subject to availability). This confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours after request of the reservation.

In the event the client was to not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, he/she should contact M’Cimes as soon as possible.

One the availability of the chauffeur is confirmed, the client has 24 hours to make his/her protected payment online.

The online reservation will be validated upon payment of the total cost for the requested service.

To modify or cancel a reservation, the client must directly contact M’Cimes by email or phone. M’Cimes reserves the right to charge 15 € cancelling fees to cover administrative costs.

  • Full reimbursement will be provided if the cancellation is made more than 48 hours prior to the requested time of service.
  • A reimbursement of 50% will be provided if the cancellation is made 24 to 48 hours prior to the requested time of service.
  • In any other cases, no reimbursement will be provided.

The present agreement would be suspended or cancelled without any compensations in the event of any events of ‘force majeur’ external to M’Cimes such as traffic disruptions, severe weather conditions, accidents, vehicle breakdown, interventions of Police or any other governmental agency leading to delays, natural disaster, war, actions performed by a third party causing damages to the vehicle.
This list of circumstances is not exhaustive.


wo pieces of luggage per person (either a standard size suitcase or a bag and a carry-on bag) are authorized. An additional 5 € fee will be charged in the event when the client would carry additional luggage and would not have informed M’Cimes ahead of time.

Flights or Train Delays

A delay fee of 25 € per hour will be charged to the client for any delays exceeding 30 minutes to compensate additional incurred costs experienced by M’Cimes.
Shall the client fail to show up or contact M’Cimes within 60 minutes of the ‘real’ arrival time, he/she will be considered as ‘absent’. In such instances, the chauffeur will be allowed to leave the airport or station.
All additional fees will have to be paid, at the latest, at pick-up of the client.

Service Quality

Drinks (water) and candies are complementary.
Children aged less than 12 years old or smaller than 135 cm will are required to use adapted children seat.
Children seats are provided for free by M’Cimes.
Shall a service be outsourced, M’Cimes will commit and ensure that third-party persons and companies provide similar quality of service.

Client(s) Responsibilities

he client commits, for him(her)self as well as for all passengers for whom he/she contacted M’Cimes, to adopt a responsible and respectful behavior towards the chauffeur and vehicle, including material belonging to or present within the vehicle. The client further commits to the following terms:

  • Adhere to the ‘Code de la Route’ regulations, including, but not limited to buckling up, usage of children seats, ...
  • To not eat, smoke or transport any hazardous substances
  • To not drink alcohol beverage or use drugs while in the vehicle
  • M’Cimes retains the right to decline the transport of a client under influence or behaving in a threatening manner
  • hall a passenger soiled the vehicle, a cleaning fee of 150 € TTC will be charged to the client in addition to the service cost. This fee will have to be paid immediately by credit card.


All the information provided by a client to M’Cimes to request a service, including personal information) will remain confidential and will not be communicated to any company or organization.
In the event of a sudden increase in gas prices, M’Cimes retains the right to apply an additional gas fee to the service requested.

This translation was made for information purposes. In the event of disputes, only the French version shall be valid.


If you do have any project that requires transport of persons to go to a wedding ceremony or to go to the airport and ski stations